John Dang

I am a computer science student at UCLA. I am originally from San Jose, CA where I graduated from Evergreen Valley High School in May 2018. Beyond my studies, I am passionate about Artificial Intelligence and its applications, especially in robotics and medicine. I spend most of my time working on related research or engineering work.

At the Center for Vision Cognition Learning and Autonomy (VCLA), I work on researching reinforcement learning, transfer learning, and causal learning under professor Song-Chun Zhu. I am also working jointly at the International Center for AI and Robot Autonomy (CARA), a non-profit research institue. Currently, I am working on developing VRGym, a platform for physical and interactive AI/robotics research in 3D environments. My collaborators at VCLA and CARA include Mark Edmonds, Xu Xie,and Yixin Zhu. Beyond my coursework and research, I work on leading an internal AI project at UCLA's Association for Computing Machinery Chapter.

Previously, I was a deep learning engineer (and one of the first group of five non-founding team members) at Sike AI. Sike AI is venture capital backed and hosted by the StartupUCLA and Anderson Venture Accelerators. Recently, I was a machine learning researcher at the Ozcan Research Group and Howard Hughes Medical Institute under professor Aydogan Ozcan where I worked on developing a deep learning system for fast and accurate diagnosis of diseases on mobile embedded devices. A poster of our work that I presented can be found here. I was also previously a software engineering intern at Logos. In my free time, I enjoy playing guitar, going to the gym, singing, and watching stand-up comedy.